Hopefully, this FAQ page will answer your questions. However, if you have any questions not covered here please give me a call at (865) 661-5639.

  1. What do I Need to get married? You will need a valid Tennessee Marriage License. Without it I am not able to perform a ceremony or even anything that resembles a ceremony. If you need more information on how to obtain this please visit our page License Information.

  2. How do I book my wedding? Call me as soon as you can to ensure the time and date is available. Book a wedding as far ahead as possible as dates and times do fill up quickly. Please realize I will need the fee paid upfront to secure the date and time. Without that paid I can not hold any dates or times. Refunds may be possible with cancellations given 30 days or more prior to the date of the ceremony. Otherwise, No Refunds will be given.

  3. What do we do upon getting into town? Upon arrival give me a call to confirm you have made it and give me the address of where the wedding is taking place. Next, confirm you have your marriage license in hand. You may be surprised how many people forget or leave them behind. If you do not have them in hand you will need to get them right away. I can not do anything if you do not have your license.

  4. Rehearsals. Typically I do not need to be at a rehearsal as I can provide you a copy of the wedding ceremony upon booking your date and time upon request. Not that there is anything you need to memorize as I will tell you what to repeat and what to do as the wedding ceremony takes place. If you do want me at the rehearsal I will need to know this at the time of booking to ensure I do not have a wedding the day or evening before. Also, there may be an additional fee to cover my fuel depending on distance and time.

  5. Wedding Day? First plan on leaving early to get to your destination on time. Various times of the year can be busy enough to cause traffic delays getting around. I recommend you leave an hour earlier than you think. It is important to be on time. There are times I schedule more than 1 wedding on a day and I would hate to leave your ceremony to be on time for my next couple. Everyone deserves to have their ceremony performed on time. And I would feel terrible saying I will be back later to finish. Next, make sure you have your license and rings with you. Again without the license in hand, I am not able to do anything. If you are not on time and I need to return you may or may not be charged for a second wedding depending on time and distance.

  6. Following the Ceremony. Once completed I will sign your license as the wedding officiant and then return it to our local courthouse the following business day. I also will provide you with a keepsake certificate of marriage. Please realize I will not sign your license if I do not perform the ceremony.

  7. Custom Weddings / Your Own Vows. Anything outside of a traditional wedding ceremony will need to be discussed at the time of booking and agreed on. I am very flexible with the goal of making your special occasion the way you would like it to be. Complexity could result in additional fees.

  8. How Do We Pay? Usually, payment is made through my secure Square Account online via an invoice I send by email. You can pay via PayPal by sending to email jodysecaur@gmail.com, or by sending a check to PO Box 4144, Sevierville, TN 37864. Please realize that sending a personal check, the date will not be secure until your check clears the bank. We recommend using PayPal to ensure quick processing to lock in your date and time. You can pay through PayPal using your checking account or credit card as well if needed. We do not recommend sending cash. Be sure and mark your transaction with the wedding date, time, and names so I make sure the payment gets credited to the correct ceremony. If I was booked through a local wedding planner or venue they might pay me rather than yourself.

  9. Refund Policy. Weddings/Ceremonies canceled within 30 days of the date will not receive a refund. Certain circumstances may offer a reschedule.

  10. Children. If your marriage is resulting in a blending of families I recommend you include your children in the ceremony. There are many things they can do. (I do recommend however if you are going to have them as a ring bearer that you give me the actual rings as I have seen some children get sidetracked at the time the rings are needed.) As to younger children feel free to let them wander during the ceremony if they are more comfortable. At a young age watching mom and dad in this strange setting they have never seen them in before can be challenging for them. I have had little ones stand next to me oftentimes so they can see what is going on and feel better about the process.

  11. Other Wedding Vendors. If you are in need of other vendors for your special day let me know. I  have many connections in the area and would be happy to recommend a photographer, venue, caterer, hairdresser, flower shop, bakery, musician, dj, etc. depending on your needs.

  12. Wedding Locations. As a wedding officiant, I will perform outdoor weddings, cabin weddings, chapel weddings, custom weddings, vow renewal ceremonies, and many other custom weddings and traditional weddings.

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