Wedding Planning Step 15

Pick The Venues

Choose the location of your wedding reception. You have seen them and now it is time to make choices. When you do so, you will have to know about how many people will be attending. You will also need to keep in mind if the location offers catering or if you will need to have an outside service do this.

Now that you know where you will have your reception:

  • Before you sign the contract, read it. What is the facility responsible for?
  • Note if you need to do the decorating for the event or if they will do this for you.
  • Down payments are usually required to hold the date.
  • Know when final numbers are necessary for the reception hall. They will need to know this usually at least a week or two prior to the wedding.
  • Know the restrictions they place on you ahead of time.

Contracts are usually signed well in advance of the wedding taking place. Be sure you have read it thoroughly.

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