Wedding Planning Step 11

Dress Shopping

In some families, the mother of the bride goes with her to pick out her dress. In others, friends and the bridesmaids do this together. The options are yours but chances are good you will need a decent amount of time to make decisions.

Keep in mind that dresses often require alterations, which can take several months to do. You also may need to order the dress, which can take a few weeks. Plan to get your dress underway sooner rather than later.

Here is what to keep in mind:

  • Shop around! Don’t limit yourself to just designer boutiques. Go for the small shops, the large ones and so on. You never know where your dress will be.
  • Try on dresses and get a feeling for what you like; there may be a style you favor.
  • When shopping online for a dress, try to learn as much as you can about the company prior to investing. Order early, too, to allow for extensive shipping time.
  • Alterations should be scheduled throughout the next few weeks. Plan to have the last one at least two to three weeks prior to the wedding.
  • Keep accessories like hair pieces, shoes, shawls and even jewelry in mind when purchase your dress.

Dress shopping can be stressful. Do not assume it is a fast decision to make!

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