Wedding Planning Step 10

Big Stuff First

You have your decision tools in place. The next step is to start working on the largest projects. Some of the things you will do for your wedding will require you to spend more time. Each of the items listed in the next five days needs worked on soon and it should be something you focus on over the long haul.

Take your time setting up appointments to talk to several companies, providers, locations and professionals. Learn about those who will be providing service to you. Interview them. Then, come back and check off the project when it is complete and you have made a decision.

Where Will Your Wedding Be?

Where will your wedding be located? Most weddings have two primary locations: the ceremony site and the wedding reception site. Your goal in this step is to make decisions about where your wedding will happen.

  1. Talk to wedding ceremony site locations, including your church, to determine if your wedding date is available. See the facility and determine if it is large enough and fits your tastes for the event.
  2. Visit with several locations for the reception site. Keep size and style in mind.
  3. Note if the reception site will provide food, if catering is necessary or if there is another option.
  4. You can book both your ceremony and your reception in one location, if you would like to.
  5. Set up times to visit each location. Make notes in the following blank space about what you thought about each one. Be sure to get pricing information and mark that down as well.

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